Burn 100 Team Lite


This lightweight racket is designed for all-court players and is a perfect choice for beginners.

Engineered to fit the widest variety of playing styles, the Ultra delivers effortless power, smooth comfort, and versatility from all

The Wilson Burn 100 Team Lite brings the power and spin of Burn to beginners and strong juniors. The lightweight design of this racquet and slight head light balance make it a great option for beginners that are trying to develop their game. Juniors that are not quite ready for the weight of an adult frame but are strong enough to swing a full length racquet will really benefit the plow-through that this racquet offers for its weight class.  Expect good power, comfort, while maintaining some decent control from the Burn 100 Team Lite.  This is a special model manufactured for Canada and Europe, so get a grip on this rare racquet.


  • Carbon Fiber: Developed for aggressive swings, this premium modulus carbon graphite provides, increased frame stiffness for explosive power.
  • Parallel Drilling : Consists of a different type of string pattern that results, even visibly, parallel. This technology assures greater stability, a better hold with less movement of the main and cross strings that increases durability.
  • BLX : Basalt is a natural volcanic rock. It can be used in manufacturing where it is made into fine gold fibers with incredible vibration resistance. Wilson’s new technology, BLX, has used these basalt fibers and woven them longitudinally with [K]arophite Black to create one of the most advanced composites in the industry.
  • Head Size: 100
  • Weight: 281
  • Beam Width: 23-25-23
  • Balance: 330
  • Length: 27
  • String Pattern: 16×19
  • String Tension (range min – max): 23-27 kg
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Head Size

645 cm sq

String Pattern