CZ P-10 S

The CZ P-10 S is another model in our successful striker-fired pistol series. Its subcompact dimensions are ideal for concealed carry, making it the perfect choice for self-defense or as a back-up gun for armed forces personnel. Despite its smaller size, this CZ P-10 S offers the same shooting comfort and user-friendliness as the full-size version. The standard version of this pistol features a 12-round 9×19 cal. magazine, which is an impressive capacity for its category.

Overall dimensions (h / w / d)  116/32/170 mm
Barrel length  90 mm
Mass  0.71 kg
Caliber  9×19mm
Tank capacity  12 (9×19mm)
Sights  Luminescent | Tritium
Trigger  SA/DA
Frame  Fiberglass-reinforced polymer
Safety features  Trigger safety | Trigger bar safety | Firing pin block
Size  Subcompact