Deception Worm – 6″ ( 15 Pack )

Deception Worm – 6″ ( 15 Pack )

The Ultimate FLOATING Finesse Worm!

The 2020 Bassmaster Elite Series Santee Cooper event was won by Brandon Palaniuk. He used this bait on a drop shot to land his biggest fish of the tournament. In the same tournament he also used the 3.25″ Muscle Back Finesse Craw and the 4″ Swammer for the win!

Made from a specialized blend of soft plastic, when fished with a weight the Deception Worm will stand with its tail straight up off the bottom to tempt fish into striking.

Try them rigged ‘straight’ or Tex-posed without any weight, or Wacky rig them and twitch them quickly with short strokes for a lively presentation.

Infused with super fine salt and a secret scent formula for an added level of attraction that will make bass hold on longer once they strike.

Available in a range of custom blended colors, the X Zone Lures Deception Worm delivers a finesse presentation that will put bigger fish in the boat.

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