Hydrotech Whey

Hydrotech whey is a supreme protein blend aimed at providing lean muscle gains, enhanced recovery and significant strength increases. This unique blend of whey and wheat protein is amid at enhancing the effect of training and giving you the results that you are pushing for. The staged protein release ensures the muscles are fully fueled over extended time periods.

Staged release protein matrix
Supports recovery
Optimal Muscle support & strength

Suggested Use
Throughout the day, before & after training

20 g protein serving: Mix 1 scoop (30 g) into 200-250ml of cold water.
Optimal 40 g protein double serving: Mix 2 scoops (60 g) into 400-500ml of cold water.
Shake well for 30 seconds and consume immediately.
Adjust your protein intake from 1-5 servings depending on your physical goal and protein requirements.

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900g, 1.8kg