Karakal Pro Hybrid

The Karakal Pro Hybrid Squash Racquet is a perfect choice for the recreational squash player who wants a great blend of power and control in a squash racquet. It features a mid-plus 480cm2 frame head and weighs 170g (6oz) for added stability and a smooth impact through the ball. To further enhance power, the Karakal Pro Hybrid squash racquet is head heavy balanced and comes strung with Classic 130 string in a 14×20 string pattern for good playability and durability. It has an extra tacky, self-adhesive and super-absorbent Karakal PU super grip and a 3/4 cover protects it between uses. A great racquet for beginners on squash court!


  • 170gms Frame Weight
  • Titanium Composite
  • Midplus Head
  • String Pattern 14×20
  • Head Size 480cm2
  • Fitted with the World’s No. 1 PU Karakal Super Grip