Muscle Back Craw – 4″ (8 Pack)

Muscle Back Craw – 4″ (8 Pack)

Floating Claws Make The Difference! Use the X Zone Pro Series Muscle Back Craw for unmatched craw performance.

Next time you’re out fishing, tie on an X Zone Muscle Back Craw and catch more BASS!

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The X Zone Muscle Back Craw has a distinctive cross ribbed body design with appendages to provide micro movements. The soft, realistic, textured claws are ribbed on both sides and the outer edges having specially cupped pinchers that taper down to join the body. The specialized plastic, super fine salt and scent infused formula used to make the Muscle Back Craw allows the claws to float at rest for a time mimicking the defensive stance of a real crayfish. All of these exceptional features produce a craw that swims, hops and undulates in the water creating a NEW unique sonic signature and vibration that BASS LOVE!!!

The Muscle Back Craw is extremely versatile. It is available in proven fish catching colors to cover a wide variety of applications, including flipping, pitching, punching, Carolina-rigging, and can be used as a jig or swim jig trailer. It has a V-groove line running down the middle of the under body to help you center your hook for the presentation you pick and also help you get a solid hook set every time.

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