NPL Thermo Fuel 120’s

Product Information:

NPL Thermo Fuel is a potent thermogenic incinerator to help lose weight.

Burn Calories

Body fat is stored energy and energy is calories.

This product combines ingredients designed to increase your core body temperature which accelerates your metabolism and burns calories to generate heat. When using this you may feel warn due to the calorie burning thermogenic process.

Optimise Fat Oxidation

Fat oxidation which has a direct impact on the rate in which your body utilises stored body fat as an energy source is assisted by including 1000mg of L-Carnitine.

This amino acid is responsible for ‘transporting’ stored fat to your muscle cells to be used as fuel.

More Energy

Each serving contains 400mg of Caffeine which will give you an extreme amount of energy to get you through your toughest workout.

If you are following a calorie restricted diet you may feel tired due to the lack of food you are not eating. This product provides the energy needed to get you over the initial stages of your new eating plan.

Metabolism Support

Green Coffee Bean Extract has been added for additional metabolism support with Bioperine to maximize the absorption of the all the ingredients found in the product.

The addition of Dandelion as a natural diuretic may assist those in reducing their water retention.

Complete Formulation

NPL Thermo Fuel is one of the strongest and most comprehensive fat burners on the market. Due to its potency we recommend you start off with 1 capsule to see how you feel before moving up to the full serving.

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120 Capsules


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