Prince ATS Textreme Tour 100P

The Prince Textreme Tour 100P gets a highly anticipated update with the inclusion of ATS technology. Designed to strike a balance between arm comfort and a slightly stiffer upper hoop, the 100P offers excellent stability. While it remains similar to the outgoing model in some ways, Prince relaxed the flexibility to create a large sweetspot and a forgiving feel. Our playtest team did notice less power overall, but the addition of precision from the baseline and on returns of serve led to confident strokes. As far as the 18×20 pattern goes, our team was impressed by the amount of spin they could generate. On serve, the maneuverability overhead helped create a smooth motion through contact. While there were a few instances of instability against big hitters, by and large, this racquet stood up to the test at net with a nice blend of connectedness and control. This ATS Textreme Tour 100P is, without a doubt, worth a demo for players looking to take full swings and play aggressive tennis without having to give up ball placement.

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Head Size

254 cm sq

String Pattern