Retay 84FS Mini Beretta


The Self Defense Blank Gun is a non lethal alternative to a lethal firearm, that has been engineered and designed to mimic the action and the sound of a real firearm.


The Self Defense Blank Gun discharges 2 types of rounds: Blank and Pepper. The Blank Round is for shooting off a warning shot or for drawing attention and is an ideal deterrent, designed to create fear and confusion in any would-be attacker. The realistic gunshot, louder than a firearm by 2db – 12db, is most often enough to cause any perpetrator to flee in fear of being shot. The Pepper Round is used as the last resort and propels a cloud of pepper particles at close range (2m – 3m), causing respiratory distress and temporary blindness for up to 30 minutes.

– A non lethal alternative to a firearm.
– Looks, feels, sounds and most importantly, works like a Real Firearm
– Capable of deploying Blank or Pepper Rounds.
– No license required

Weight 1 kg
Blank Gun Add-Ons Blank Self Defense Pepper Gun only
Blank Gun Weight 500g – 1kg
Blank Gun Height Small (100mm – 130mm)
Blank Gun Length Small (130mm – 180mm)
Magazine size 9 Shots