Retay X Pro


The X Pro comes in this variant in caliber 9mm PAKnall and impresses with its sporty and unique design with black blueing and exposed barrel jacket. It also has an extremely high level of ergonomics and comfort. This is particularly characterized by the X Touch technology for optimal grip, the beavertail for ideal support and the 14 round magazine, which extends the grip of the blank pistol. The X Pro is secured manually with a cock safety device. The trigger can be used in single – double action.

  • Manufacturer: Retay
  • Model: X Pro
  • Caliber: 9mm PA bang
  • System: Gas signal / blank shot
  • Magazine capacity: 14 rounds
  • Total length: 197mm
  • Weight: 823g
  • Trigger: single and double action
  • Sights: rear sight and front sight
  • Fuse: Manual
  • Material: metal / plastic
  • Sled: metal sled
  • Grip: polymer with X Touch technology
  • Colour: black (burnished)