Shimano Sahara DH-R

Shimano Sahara RD is a true treat for fans of spinning reels equipped with a rear drag. The famously stylish and easy to use Sahara is equipped with a handy Fightin’ Drag that improves the fishing comfort and includes a lever that allows you to see the drag setting with a single glance. This can be very important in fast-paced situations!

The precisely adjustable rear drag is located closer to the angler, thus improving the fishing ergonomics and the general control of the reel, which is why many anglers prefer rear drag reels. If you belong to this group, Sahara is the right reel for you. If you have never tried a reel with a rear drag, we recommend you give this a go!

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• Patented aluminum A-RC spool. The design of the front-facing edge of the AR-C spool is included among Shimano’s patents and it enables casting with less friction.
• Highly adjustable rear drag.
• Fightin´Drag system.
• 3 ball bearings + an anti-reverse special-purpose Roller Bearing
• Varispeed II spooling system works reliably with braided lines, monofilament lines, and hybrid lines. Shimano’s Varispeed spooling ensures that the line is wound evenly on to the spool, allowing for tangle-free, accurate, and easy casting.
• Super Stopper II anti-reverse mechanism.


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1000-R, 2500DH-R, 4000DH-R