USN Qhush Hyperdrive 210g

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USN Qhush Hyperdrive is the latest pre-workout from USN to unlock your training potential.

Energy & Focus

Each single scoop provides 150 mg of caffeine which has been well used in the sports supplement industry to boost training performance.

USN have combined the caffeine with Dynamine™ which prolongs the effects of caffeine and also prevents the “crash” that some users may experience after using a pre-workout.

Improve your mental focus in the gym and get the most from your workout sessions.


Pump & Endurance

A combination of Citrulline Malate, GlycerSize™ and Agmatine Sulphate have been added to support muscle pumps during your training.

Muscle pumps are a result of increased blood flow. The increased flow of blood may also extend exercise endurance because of the additional oxygen rich blood being circulated.

USN Qhush Hyperdrive is an affordable, concentrated pre-workout using registered ingredients to give athletes and lifters a true performance boost for their workouts.

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