Wilson Racket SQ Ultra

Ultra-lightweight and ultra-maneuverable, the Ultra UL is perfect for squash players seeking an arm-friendly racket capable of generating massive power. Boasting a significant head-heavy balance, the Ultra UL naturally comes through the ball with pace, adding a dose of power to a frame that is incredibly easy to maneuver at a moment’s notice.


  • Power Profile Geometry features a wide v-shaped neck and squared beams for optimal energy transfer, producing excellent power at a lighter weight
  • Graphite construction delivers an excellent mix of feel and control at a super lightweight
  • Lightest frame in the Ultra franchise for superior maneuverability during fast play
  • Geometric design and head shape optimize aerodynamics to allow play closer to the wall
  • Exact Tack Grip blends tackiness and comfort for optimal grip

Additional information



Head Size

499cm sq

String Pattern