Set contains:
– Zoraki R2-3 revolver – K-6L
– polymer suitcase
– instructions

Technical data:
Product name: Zoraki R2-3 “K6L (R2 K6L 3″)
Product number: Black (R23BP), Titanium (R23GTP), Matte Chrome (R23MCP), Shiny Chrome (R23SCP), Saten (R23SP)
Caliber: .22 / 6 mm (Long)
Drum: 9-chamber, concave (fluted)
Trigger: SA (Single Action) / DA (Double Action)
Overall length: 200 mm / 7.87 ”
Barrel length: 76.20 mm / 3 ”
Height: 140 mm / 5.51 ”
Width: 36 mm / 1.42 ”
Weight: 740 g / 1.63 lb
Sighting devices: Yes
Linings: ABS
Producer: Atak Arms, Turkey


ZORAKI R2-3 “, alarm revolver with a ventilated barrel, 3 inches. Powered by a 6 mm long side mounted ammunition ammunition. Modeled on the classic Colt Python revolver, a weapon designed for the most demanding users, it is not worn when hidden in the jacket pocket, jackets.

Revolver, model R2-3 “designed for self-defense, effectively deters potential attackers.He extended long bang, produces a more powerful, realistic bang of the shot in relation to hoods in the caliber of 6 mm short.In the set a rac gun used in, among others, help to call for help, also during New Year’s Eve party.

Barrel – 3-inch long. Ventilated rail over the barrel. In times of rapid development of firearms, ie at the end of the 19th century, weapons were used in the West to resolve disputes by dueling. In order to quickly draw weapons from a holster (and save a life), they began to shorten the barrel, which was at the expense of the accuracy of the weapon, shortening the line of aiming. Thus, the 3 “barrel is a compromise between the length of the barrel and accuracy, with an indication of the speed advantage.

DA / SA – two working modes facilitate the use of the revolver. SA (Single Action) SAM voltage before firing a shot, shortens the trigger’s path, increases the revolver’s accuracy, reduces the force needed to fire the shot and increases the accuracy of the revolver. DA (Double Action) mode by pressing the trigger causes self-actuation of the shock mechanism and its release.

Drum – 9-chamber concave in cal. 6 mm long. Equipped with a ejector cylinder, it allows quick and efficient removal after all shots have been taken. The use of extended cartridges in the caliber of 6 mm Long, (without propellant) instead of short ammunition in the caliber of 6 mm Short results in a louder / real shot and allows the use of an ejector.

Linings – made of durable ABS plastic. Safety of use, comfortable grip are provided by profiled cutouts for fingers and grooved cladding structure.

Available frame finishes – Black (black) oxide coated, Titanium (titanium) covered with matt coating, Matte Chrome (silver) silver matt coating, Shiny Chrome (chrome) polished chrome coating, Saten (satin) subjected to a process of satinizing or creating on a delicate matt surface gloss coating

Revolver available without permission, sold only to adults.